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I love to explore genre fiction, and while I usually go for books with a romantic thread running through it, I just love great character and world building. And since I can hardly stand to let go of my favorite characters, I like series.

Cold Sight

Cold Sight - Leslie Parrish In a nutshell: The thriller aspect of the book was a rush. Romantic aspect, OK. I'm glad the RRRC group picked this; I probably wouldn't have found it otherwise.Allow me to begin by saying that if one were to ask me whether I'd recommend this book, I'd suggest reading this book more for the suspense aspect than the romance.Now that that's out of the way. :o) This book follows multiple perspectives of the residents in the sleepy town of Granville Georgia: chiefly those of clairvoyant Aiden McConnall and reporter Lexie Nolan. Aiden has been hiding from the public eye ever since he botched a missing-person case that ended in a child's death. He was ripped to shreds by sensationalist journalists, left with nothing but nightmares and a load of guilt. Lexie Nolan is unsurprisingly an unwelcome (and unexpected) addition to his life. She too has been disgraced in a way, having had her most recent expose declared false and misleading. But Lexie is convinced she's right about a string of abductions of local, poor young women.Now, as the reader, we are not in doubt that Lexie's right about her suspicions; the book begins with a chilling look into the mind of the latest abductee. I'll put an emphasis on "chilling," because this book is at it's most jarring when we're following the victim, or even the killer. The tension is near constant, with a big emphasis on time: the exact hour is noted at the beginning of each section or chapter, and many situations occur simultaneously. The author is good at pulling the rug from under you, leaving you feeling that "no one is safe" and that the evil might win some battles, regardless of how they'll fare in the greater "war." I really felt the suffering and anguish of the victims, as well as the sickness and desperation of the perp. I actually had a nervous pit in my tummy as I read the final act!There were a few instances of what I thought were character contradictions. I'd prefer to keep this review spoiler free, so I'll simply say that some characters' behaviors--granted, in only a few cases--had me like "but…that don't make no sense, though!" ^__^ (Read the book, I'd love to discuss!)As I mentioned at the start of this review, my own classification of this book is as a mystery/thriller with a layer of romance and sprinkle of sensuality. Though I felt connection with the hero and heroine, and though theirs was a sweet romance, it wasn't that compelling an element.The supporting characters from the eXtreme Investigations group--who are brought into the proceedings by Aiden--are all interesting. Each one saddled with an amazing but double-edged ability, they'll most certainly make for some great material in future books. I most certainly look forward to it.