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I love to explore genre fiction, and while I usually go for books with a romantic thread running through it, I just love great character and world building. And since I can hardly stand to let go of my favorite characters, I like series.

Skin Game: Gefährliche Berührung

Skin Game - Ava Gray Oh hells yeah. A fantastic, FUN read....This book had a perfect balance of just about everything...sweet romance, mystery, action, suspense, and of course good ole' hawt lovin! There are about 4 different perspective threads that are followed...the hero and heroine (assassin Reyes, and his intended target Kyra), mysterious dude Foster, and Foster's ruthless employer (and guy-who-wants-Kyra-dead) Gerard Seranno.Sometimes with books that have multiple plot threads featured by multiple "voices" there is potential for imbalance of enjoyment (e.g. "i just want to get through this passage so we can get back to ____'s thread!"). Not so here. I don't think I ever found myself disliking a romp through a certain character's mind...they all brought interesting elements and it was all tied up magnificently by the end.Now, this book is definitely PnR, but light on the paranormal. pnR, if you will. ^_^ It makes for a nice change, I'd say. The paranormal aspect comes from the heroine having the ability to temporarily "steal" other people's biggest talent...be it playing pool, fighting, or being super tech-y. ^_^ It was fun...and at the same time tragic. It meant Kyra wore many "hats" and was a bit of an enigma even as we learned more about her. The reasons leading to her being so unique is part of a (mysterious) thread linking the books of this series.Loved Kyra, loved Reyes. Their adventures were so exciting, and their at-once antagonistic and tender interactions were so much fun to read about.