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I love to explore genre fiction, and while I usually go for books with a romantic thread running through it, I just love great character and world building. And since I can hardly stand to let go of my favorite characters, I like series.

Collide - Megan Hart Rating: 4.5Quick Take: Absolutely loved this story; it has a speculative element to it but really focuses on the emotion of the characters. Aside from taking some exception to certain plot points, I feel that this book is a unique, touching, intense, and sexy contemporary romance.Review:I'll start with the punchline: this book is one awesome piece of romantic fiction. It is intensely sweet, but it somehow avoids being sacharine. It's so very sexy, yet it is not one random smex fest. It's got speculative elements, but they do not overpower the fantastic emotional development of the characters. Really, none of the aforementioned aspects overpowers the book; it's got a balanced blend of the three, one that kept my nose glued to the pages (or screen, whatever ^_^).I don't know how to classify this book. One might call it a time-travel romance, but it's not quite, even though there is an element of time travel. The more understandable stuggles of illness, recklessness, fame, and inner demons are key in this story. The time travel, really, is just a vehicle to move the two main characters closer; and I love that. This is the type of book that would appeal to moviemakers because of the very attractive themes. But then, it would probably never be as good on a screen due to the original material's wonderful use of language and its (delightfully) complicated web of plot.Hot diggity, main character Johnny Dellasandro was smexy as hell in both iterations: his 70s self and his present-day self. The self-confidence and overt sexuality in his younger days is highly magnetic, and the more profound, quietly artistic nature found in his later years is subtly intriguing. One of the most biggest questions that persisted while reading this story was, "what in the world caused such a profound shift in character?" It made for a very compelling reading experience, watching protagonist Emmaline attempt to figure that out.Now, I can't ignore that there were some small bits that rankled or at least confused me. It didn't really have to do with continuity, but rather one minor-ish character. This person seemed to have a plot thread of sorts, which looked to be progressing at certain points in the overall story, before kind of dropping off unceremoniously at the end. Looking back at the element, I feel as though some of these scenes with this character might as well have been dropped altogether in favor of a superficial cameo or two. Heck, there was even a bit that sort of insinuated the heroine might have exacerbated the character's broken mental state that led to his suicide. Why introduce that and then sort of lead it nowhere? Ah, well. That would pretty much be the extent of my issues with the book.I will so be rereading this at some point in the future. It's such a beautiful, romantic, complex story, and I would easily recommend it to both spec fic lovers and romance lovers interested in something a bit different.