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I love to explore genre fiction, and while I usually go for books with a romantic thread running through it, I just love great character and world building. And since I can hardly stand to let go of my favorite characters, I like series.

The Djinn's Dilemma - Mina Khan Rating: 3.5(review first posted at Book Lovers Inc)What do you do when the one person who steals your heart is the person you’re meant to kill? That very intriguing premise sets up Mina Khan’s equally intriguing (and djinn-filled) paranormal romance novella.The book gets right down to it, establishing a chemistry between the main characters immediately. It’s a pretty convincing chemistry, too, mostly of the “inexplicable attraction” sort but accessible and sweet. And yet, ”sweet” is not all there is to it. The treatment of Sarah and Rukh’s attraction is rife with delicious sensuality. The sizzling connection between the two leads is clear, visceral, ever-present. It was perhaps the deeper emotion that felt somewhat abbreviated, though I imagine such would logically be the case in a shorter story.I’ll take one Rukh, please! The male lead in this book was perhaps the biggest draw for me, with his intensity and yummy hotness. ^_^ There were the beginnings of some very intriguing elements to his personality and past. And the balance of his being ruthless and principled yet emotional and passionate…it was intriguing and kept me wanting to discover more about Rukh.Sarah’s pretty cool, herself. I must admit, I had to give props for her being half-Jamaican, because it’s not terribly often that one would find such a heroine–especially one that embraces her ethnicity and culture. Furthermore, Sarah proves to be reasonable and logical, which is a breath of fresh air from borderline-TSTL characters occasionally found in the romance genre. When a woman wants to be sure that the hot but intimidating and random guy she just met is legit and not a creepazoid? I’m all for it!There were quite a few single-line bits of exposition that had me thinking, man, this tidbit could totally be developed into something that supports such-and-such later development. In fact, I somewhat wish a few of the passing references were developed into full-on plot- or expository points (Sarah’s past preternatural exposure, Rukh’s hard childhood and djinn background, his profession). But ultimately, this novella is still a solid, sexy, fun story.It would be so very cool to explore some more tales from this world. The djinn aspect was very engaging (and different, thank goodness), and it looks like there is much more beneath the surface of what was introduced here in this story. From the ethereal plane to the djinn laws and societal structure…I’m thirsting for more of Khan’s djinn. ^_^