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I love to explore genre fiction, and while I usually go for books with a romantic thread running through it, I just love great character and world building. And since I can hardly stand to let go of my favorite characters, I like series.

Collision Course - Zoe Archer Quick Take:A solid series-starter, this would make for a good first taste of sci-fi romance for fans of paranormal romance. Some very minor personal gripes couldn't keep me from loving this action-filled, steamy romp.Review:A new sci-fi romance series is born! This is a great bit of news, since this segment of the romance genre definitely deserves more love and attention, especially given the increased popularity of its sibling paranormal romance. In my view, Collision Course is sci-fi lite—in a good way. It would be a decent segue into its genre from those used to PnR.This book is aptly named, as it involves the clash between classes, ideologies, and—most specifically—the two main characters. The plot itself is straightforward, with not many asides. The set-up of an epic struggle between corporations 8th Wing and PRAXIS is fun, and carries much potential. It’s pure space opera to the max.Though there is a good bit of legitimate world-building, the narrative definitely doesn’t hold your hand through visuals. The text is full of what I like to call “nothing words.” Those are science-fiction-sounding wording that ultimately carry no real meaning to the reader; comprehension instead comes from the rest of the sentence, as in “he was as sneaky as a Cormelian sea worm.” But this sometimes happens in science fiction writing, right? One must simply get used to working more actively with the descriptions provided.I really enjoyed the hero, Kell Frayne. He was intriguing both when serving as the narrative voice, and when being described through the heroine’s head. There’s something rather attractive about the tough and practical yet honorable hero. ^_^ He’s definitely one of the strongest sources of my attachment to the book.Zoe Archer is quite good at action sequences. My excitement for the book ratcheted up several notches in the third act, where most of the high-octane activity takes place. In that area, the author seems to have a great sense of pacing and tension building.I must make a small note of one aspect that didn’t thrill me, though. A little bit of the later dialogue felt a bit too trite for my taste. It was discourse between the hero and heroine, too…oh well.This story is definitely a solid series starter. I’d recommend it to those newer to or unfamiliar with the genre, since its themes are fairly universal and the world built thus far is not too complex.