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I love to explore genre fiction, and while I usually go for books with a romantic thread running through it, I just love great character and world building. And since I can hardly stand to let go of my favorite characters, I like series.

Hot Six - Janet Evanovich Quick Take Review:So, this book starts out with a resolution to book five's cliffhanger, wrapped up in the form of a prologue. I won't bother with details of the scene itself, but it gave me the feeling that the cliffhanger was more of a gimmick than anything else. The resolution is negated almost as soon as the story proper began; so why bother with one in the first place?But anywho. Other than that, I enjoyed the book. The story is very much focused on Ranger's plight, and as such his presence is increased (and as far as I was concerned, quite welcome). The usual cast of characters are present and in fine form; there were plenty of laughs to be found, and I've become even more fond of them all.