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I love to explore genre fiction, and while I usually go for books with a romantic thread running through it, I just love great character and world building. And since I can hardly stand to let go of my favorite characters, I like series.

Four to Score - Janet Evanovich Yay! So glad I read through to this, the fourth book in the Stephanie Plum series. Within the first 30 pages, I knew I would enjoy it more than the previous three (and they themselves weren't bad at all).For one, the "I brushed my teeth, put on nighties, fed my hamster, got in bed and fell asleep" coverage is greatly scaled back (though, it was a minor gripe before, anyway). Instead we're treated to more action, more plot. I found myself loathe to stop reading for any reason (sleep, work, etc). Always a good sign.Whereas Lula wasn't all that big of a draw to me in Three To Get Deadly, I loved her here. She was a hoot! I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion, usually because of that character. I also liked Sally and his outlandishness (though I suppose in Steph's world, the extraordinary is ordinary). Really, the whole supporting cast was a pleasure to follow.As for Stephanie and Joe Morelli.....well. They are a riot. I find it kind of cool that their "relationship" has progressed at a slow burn throughout the series thus far. Makes every interaction they have all that more special. ^_^I also rather enjoyed Stephanie's coming more into her own as a bounty hunter. There are fewer HUGE coincidences, and more instances of Plum taking matters into her own hands...as well as being more cognizant of the danger and risks she faces in her line of work.In sum: the book was funny, with endearing characters and a compelling mystery. I told myself that I'd take a break after this book (to get a taste of something different), but now I'm not so sure I can keep to that. (Yay! lol)