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I love to explore genre fiction, and while I usually go for books with a romantic thread running through it, I just love great character and world building. And since I can hardly stand to let go of my favorite characters, I like series.

Three to Get Deadly - Janet Evanovich "Sometimes I amazed even myself. How could a person's instincts be so wrong and at the same time so right?"-Stephanie Plum...that sums the girl up rather well. ^_^ This third novel in the Stephanie Plum mystery series was a decent installment. It had an interesting take on vigilantism and the sliding slope of morality and justice. For one I got a kick out of how it seemed like everyone in Trenton was packing heat. Old ladies and blue steel Glocks. What a combo. ^_^There were some maddening moments, though. I can handle some inanity from a book's heroine, but I try to draw the line at TSTL tendencies. Fortunately, Stephanie (mostly) realizes her idiot moves and self-censures accordingly. Any measure of self-awareness is good. ^_^Another minor gripe is that the book seemed to take a good long while to really interest me. After several rounds of detail on Stephanie's morning and pre-bed routine, I was a bit lacking in enthusiasm. The story picked up eventually, though. That was good. I've got to admit...Lula, who for all intents and purposes was this book's main "sidekick," wasn't all that funny (or compelling?) to me. Maybe I'm just spoiled for Grandma Mazur. As always, her appearances are comedic gold.Though the book didn't bowl me over, I enjoyed it just the same. I'm even rather eager to read the next installment. There's something quite comfy about Stephanie's world. I like.