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I love to explore genre fiction, and while I usually go for books with a romantic thread running through it, I just love great character and world building. And since I can hardly stand to let go of my favorite characters, I like series.

Blood of the Demon - Diana Rowland Unlike book 1 (Mark of the Demon), I had no doubt in my mind when it came time to assign a rating to this book. It was a solid piece of paranormal detective fiction.Speaking of which. I give it the classification of "paranormal detective fiction," but I must say, the main mystery of the book is heavier on the "detective" part than the "paranormal" (for the most part, that is). The biggest paranormal element of the book--and the series, for that matter--comes from Kara Gillian's being a demon summoner. This means that she is exposed to lots of the preternatural, but it's something that is not known to the public at large. That said, the main mystery is very well laid out with plenty of clues and some good red herrings to keep one guessing. I didn't "figure it out" until I was quite close to the resolution...a good sign, in my view. :o)And Ms. Rowland knows her forensics! Some of the more fascinating (albeit creepy) scenes involve the medical examiner and crew. Lots of attention is paid to accuracy and detail, and it pays off in quality.I didn't want to alter the book description listed in the book data above, since it's the one provided by the publisher. But I have to point out that the description is not quite accurate. The main misrepresentation is the fact that Kara does not spend the book being Rhyzkahl's personal summoner: rather, she tries to decide whether she wants to be such, after Rhyzkahl makes the offer very early on in the book. And I suppose it's worth mentioning that this whole "demon" notion as portrayed in the book is not "heaven and hell" related, but rather from another dimension. Like an Otherworld of sorts. But anywho. I digress.This (presently "most recent") installment of the series has less sensuality overall than did the first book. I'm perfectly fine with this, not because of an aversion to it (quite the contrary!), but because I felt the first book added the element rather randomly and inexplicably. The progression of the romantic element here is slower, more deft and believable. Ms. Rowland takes her time developing the relationships this time.That all said...I still feel fairly disconnected from the character Lord Rhyzkahl. It's clear enough that there's meant to be a love triangle developing that includes him, but he's still such an unknown; and I'm not talking "Barrons-from-Fever-series" mysterious, here. ^__^ It's like the reader (and Kara, for that matter) is being told to invest in- and respond to this character, without any discernible reasoning as to why. I want to feel something for him--affinity, dislike, ambiguity, anything--but it's tough.Overall, I really dug this book, particularly the "mystery" elements. I'd gladly recommend it to others who like UF. I get the feeling that the author is really focusing on the overall development of the series... it's clearly building up to some great stuff, and I can't wait to continue following along.