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I love to explore genre fiction, and while I usually go for books with a romantic thread running through it, I just love great character and world building. And since I can hardly stand to let go of my favorite characters, I like series.

Storm Born - Richelle Mead "I'd seen weirder things than a haunted shoe, but not many."...a fun start to a fun book. Storm Born focuses on the bountyhunter-esque life of Eugenie Markham. She's a shaman-for-hire, able to not only banish spirits and like creatures to the Other- and Underworlds, but also to travel to said dimensions (though she doesn't dare do so but rarely). Her more-or-less straightforward life in Arizona becomes much more complicated when she agrees to travel to the Otherworld to retrieve a kidnapped teenager from a gentry (fae) king there. This sets off an exciting chain of events.........which I won't detail in order to preserve the many twists and revelations. ^_^Eugenie Markham was a very intriguing part of the book, and the biggest reason why I enjoyed the reading experience. She's a pretty no-nonsense, straightforward kinda gal. She holds no compunction about killing or banishing her quarry, feeling like they are conniving, violent beings that only pester humankind. Though she's rather laid back (and quite entertaining to follow), her opinions are narrow minded as regards fae and spiritkind.Cue the case that brings her to the Otherworld.... although I can only be vague since a lot of the book's fun lies in watching Eugenie discover and grow as she experiences the world of "the enemy" more intimately....and speaking of that world, I really liked the switch between "dimensions" (or however you'd term it)...one minute the setting is recognizable, and the next minute it's loopy land. And vice-versa. Like urban- and epic- fantasy wrapped into one. Fun!There were some bit parts near the end that were extremely loopy, though. Around Chapter 27 or so, in particular. 'twas like some peyote-induced hike through a nighttime desert or something (which I imagine must be loopy, indeed!).Overall, this is kind of an origin story...sort of in the vein of the film "Batman Begins" or the first Harry Potter novel. It doesn't feel "prologue-ish" (read: ultimately skippable), and carries a lot of storytelling punch on its own. One can only hope future books are as emotionally-charged and adventure-filled as this fantastic series-starter.