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I love to explore genre fiction, and while I usually go for books with a romantic thread running through it, I just love great character and world building. And since I can hardly stand to let go of my favorite characters, I like series.

Bone Crossed - Patricia Briggs The whole crew was utilized in this one, to great effect. I think just about every single Tri-Cities wolf and vampire that's shown up in previous books makes an appearance somewhere in Bone Crossed, but fortunately it's not overwhelming or forced.The last act was a bit weird...seemed somewhat random and disjointed from the narrative of what preceded that part. Zombie slaves and vampire ghosts, dead walkers and yellow toy cars... there was a lot of stuff going on in this book's (final) Big Reveal. ^_^Still, it was all extremely enjoyable. I love the dynamic between Mercy and Adam; their relationship has made a very natural progression, and fit perfectly with the overall plot. I like how the major events from the end of the previous book were woven into this tale. Mercy's long road to recovery was handled well; she's not a super hero, and when she's hurt (mentally, emotionally and physically), she takes time to heal. A great book on its own, but made all the more enjoyable from the foundation that the previous three books provide.